Ranieri regna, Grace comanda

A vent’anni dal sì, il principe e la principessa di Monaco si raccontano.


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“Life With Grace”: An Exclusive Interview with Prince Rainier

By Douglas Keay

The day was drawing toward evening, and in the brown and burgundy study of his palace overlooking Monte Carlo, Prince Rainier III of Monaco was talking about his marriage to the former American film star Grace Kelly and about their three children.

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For years, Prince Rainier III of Monaco had the reputation of being a light-hearted playboy. But since his marriage to the former Grace Kelly in 1956, he had cultivated the image of being a serious. thoughtful sovereign. Following arc his opinions on a number of subjects.

The New York Sunday News (October 10, 1971)


Princess Grace has a lot to say about mothers

On a visit to Chicago this month, Princess Grace of Monaco, mother of three, came out firmly for motherhood-and against quite a few other things. Appearing at a convention of La Leche League, a women’s group organized to encourage breast-feeding, she urged other mothers to take up the practice, to be “happy in their role and aware of its importance”. She breast-fed each of her children for two months, starting with Caroline, born in 1957. “I couldn’t think of having a baby without feeding her myself”, she said.

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She’s just gracefully Grace…

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace have been married 15 years now, and they have proved a complete disappointment to gossip columnists who were eagerly waiting for what they hoped would be juicy developments in the Prince Charming Gets Movie Star story. Instead the royal couple have played another part. The one that starts “Once upon a time”… Now Princess Grace talks freely of what it’s like to be a princess, as well as a mother and a wife.

By Hebe D’Orsey (July 28, 1971)

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